It really really bothers me that I tried my absolute hardest and got nowhere. I worked SO HARD and I still failed 2 of my regents! Now I need to go to summer school and have like a month long summer vacation, all because I worked REALLY hard but got nothing going right! This sucks so much! -luckystar

i have this one really good friend that’s a guy (I’m female). anyway the other day i waved hi to him and what does he do, he FREAKIN IGNORES ME. i mean yeah his mother was about two inches away but cmon at least he could say hi back or something. im not giving the friendship up but i will seriously give him a piece of my mind the next time we talk. -sail

Truly finding someone that you want to love and they not wanting you. -jazzy4u

There is a few local musicians in my area that tend to believe they are God’s. I have been a musician for most of my life, and I have never seen such petty behavior in the city I live in. I just read a post, where a musician accused rock musicians of cashing in on blues venues. What was worse, is all the “ants” on his Facebook page, came running to feed the Queen’s ego (or in this case a King). When people started to disagree with him, he took the post down, and reposted it again. Anyone who challenged him was immediately jumped on by those who friended him of Facebook merely because he is a local musician in town, who is a mediocre player at best. When the truth of the matter is, if he wasn’t a musician, most of the people who are his friends, wouldn’t even care, let alone know his name. He made a blanket statement, never named names and really set a bad example of how to act in public and make an enemy out of every single rock band in town. That goes for the same people agreeing with him. Facebook is one platform I’ve never understood. Sometimes it brings out the worst in people. I have seen a few other bands in town insult venues sound system and even insult patrons over the microphone when they request songs, this other musician is in a band whom has had complaints from other bars, and one I know of that won’t book them again. But still, people “follow” them for the mere reason of them being in a band and playing music. I would hope that people realize they have their own opinions, and consider that if it were them that person was talking about it, they probably wouldn’t be agreeing. Let alone, looking like a complete fool on Facebook acting like a bunch of sill teenagers. It really is pathetic, and I’ve never seen a music scene so petty in my life. -J


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My gripe is people that think they know it all, like the person that was a “information operator”. She griped that “some stupid person asked her what city the Chicago Airport was in”. For the operator’s information, there are exceptions to the obvious. The Cincinnati, Ohio airport is located in Florence, Kentucky. signed, Thunder Belly, King of Bar-BBQ

I hate society. I told my girlfriend I loved her. And she thought that I said that so I could sleep with her. I have more depth than that. And I think those words are poison. They’ve become so corrupted and tainted by the abuse and misuse others have put them through. Maybe we should all stick to bland comments like ‘Your hair is neat’ and see how far that gets us. Or maybe if we could just convince all the sleazy guys and girls out there to just say ‘I wanna ____ you’ instead of ruining the word love for those of us who have genuine emotions and feelings. -anonymous

My boss promised he’d hire an assistant for me, and he did…his wife’s best friend. She doesn’t know how to use a computer, she doesn’t know how to transfer calls to voice mail, and if the rain comes down too hard, she calls in sick. She told me that she wanted a job because her lawyer husband is always gone and she gets “bored” sitting around the house. The boss tells me we can’t yell at her because she’s “fragile” and we have to go easy on her. It’s going to be sad when I have to quit this great job with a relatively great boss because my assistant is such a ditz. -anonymous

I think love is an evil thing that god invented for us to feel to destroy our souls. I am so pissed. I am still in love with my ex. We have been broken up for over a year. I broke up with my recent boyfriend today to go back with my ex, cause he told me he wanted to get back with me. Since I love him so much and have thoughts of getting married to him all the time, I thought ok, here’s my chance. Tonight I call him to tell him I broke up with my boyfriend, and he gets all mean with me and tells me that we’re not getting back together. That bastard. I broke up with my boyfriend that I’ve been with for a year, just to be with him. I feel so betrayed. Now I’m not with him, and I really upset my recent boyfriend. I think my fate is to be doomed forever with love.- falling apart 

I am so darned tired of people who clean the snow off of their windows and forget to clean it off of their lights. You cannot see a signal when it is covered by an inch of snow and ice. Even when there is no ice or snow covering directional it is too bad some of those beautiful new cars do not come equipped with them. We are suppose to read minds. I also ride a Harley and I am tired of people acting like I am invisible, when I know I am not. Why do people ride in the sand and dirt? Is it just to spray that crap on the vehicle behind them? -JCVancleav